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Strategic Planning

Hank specializes in formulating and implementing strategies to achieve specific goals or objectives. He analyzes complex situations, identifies opportunities and challenges, and develops plans of action to address them.

Hank addresses multiple issues:
1. Conducting research and analysis to understand market trends, competitor activities, or internal capabilities.
2. Setting clear goals and objectives aligned with the organization’s mission and vision.
3. Developing comprehensive strategies that leverage strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and capitalize on opportunities.
4. Communicating strategies effectively to stakeholders, team members, or clients.
5. Implementing strategies through coordinated action plans and initiatives.
6. Monitoring progress and adjusting strategies as needed in response to changing circumstances or new information.
7. Evaluating the effectiveness of strategies and making recommendations for improvement.

Hank’s clients share that he possesses strong analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, along with excellent communication and leadership abilities. He has often played a crucial role in guiding organizations toward success by providing direction, insight, and foresight in navigating complex and dynamic environments.

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Technology Solutions

Hank’s journey into the realm of computer passion and skills commenced in 1984 when he computerized Jack Frey Properties. This was a few years ahead of the personal computer boom, and the learning curve was substantial. Since then, Hank has applied his computerization expertise to every business he’s been involved in, assuming roles such as CIO, CTO, or IT Manager, notably at Advanced Oilfield Innovations for the past decade.

In the intricate process of setting up and managing a company’s computer systems, Hank’s responsibilities range from the initial research, planning, and acquisition of computers and servers to the installation of software. He ensures that all installation files and license information are meticulously stored in a centralized folder for easy access in the years to come.

Recognizing the common challenge of disorganized files within companies, Hank developed an automated system to create a coherent folder structure for a company’s data information. This systematic approach facilitates the organization of existing files into a comprehensible structure.

Central to Hank’s responsibilities is the critical area of data protection. He establishes both local and remote backups and implements tools to shield the entire network and data from threats like ransomware or accidental deletion. His protective measures have proven instrumental in safeguarding valuable data over the years.

Hank’s expertise extends to analyzing current computer systems, offering insights to maximize effectiveness and ensure safety. Whether you need assistance with organization, data protection, or overall system optimization, Hank’s proficiency can guide you towards a more efficient and secure computing environment.

Branding Implementation

Hank has developed branding for many companies to translate the brand’s identity into tangible visual elements and promotional assets. This comprehensive endeavor encompasses:

1. Logo Design: Developing unique and impactful visual symbols that represent the brand’s identity, values, and personality.
2. Website Development: Designing and building digital platforms that serve as the online hub for the brand, providing an engaging user experience and effectively communicating its message and offerings.
3. Marketing Materials: Creating a range of promotional assets such as brochures, flyers, advertisements, social media graphics, and presentations that reinforce the brand identity and messaging across various channels.

Key considerations Hank addresses include:
1. Brand Consistency: Ensuring that all visual elements, including logos, website designs, and marketing materials, align with the brand’s identity and maintain consistency to enhance brand recognition.
2. Audience Appeal: Tailoring designs and messaging to resonate with the target audience’s preferences, interests, and demographics to maximize engagement and connection.
3. Integration: Seamlessly integrating branding elements across different platforms and materials to create a unified brand experience that reinforces key messaging and values.

By effectively integrating logo design, website development, and marketing material creation, Hank enables a company to establish a cohesive and compelling brand presence that captivates audiences, fosters brand loyalty, and drives business growth.

Business Integrity Coach

Hank is passionate about building strong positive relationships. His goal is to coach leaders through the process of building culture, internal and external relationships, policies, and procedures that create trust and excitement about the company.
Key focuses include:
1. Culture Development: Nurturing a culture of genuine care for employees, fostering pride in their work, and encouraging them to extend that care to vendors and customers. Hank’s coaching focuses on developing leaders who prioritize employee well-being, integrity, and ethical behavior.
2. External Relationship Management: Overseeing relationships with external stakeholders—customers, suppliers, and partners—to uphold the organization’s integrity standards in all interactions. This includes creating codes of conduct, conducting due diligence on partners, and addressing integrity-related issues promptly.
4. Policy and Procedure Development: Creating and revising policies and procedures to safeguard employees, vendors, and customers, covering ethics, compliance, and integrity. This includes risk assessments, policy reviews, and implementing new policies to address emerging risks or issues.
5. Training and Education: Training employees on transparent communication, understanding company performance, fostering positive relationships with vendors and customers, ethical conduct, compliance, and the importance of integrity in business. This includes creating training materials, hosting workshops, and offering continuous support.

The focus of Business Integrity Coaching is to build a foundation of mutual care, trust, and support that enables the company to grow effectively and to withstand tough times as a family.

Training Program Development

Creating effective training programs involves many details. For over 40 years Hank has been creating and delivering workshops that have had huge impact. He’s presented over 250 workshops with an attendance of over 25,000 around the United States, including teaching Principles & Practice of Project Management to Fortune 1000 companies. Hank can walk you through the process of creating educational initiatives and delivering them effectively to target audiences. This involves:

1. Needs Assessment: Identifying the specific knowledge or skill gaps within the target audience that the training program aims to address.
2. Learning Objectives: Setting clear, measurable goals for participants to achieve or understand by the end of the training.
3. Content Development: Designing the curriculum and selecting appropriate instructional materials, activities, and resources to meet the learning objectives.
4. Presentation Design: Structuring training content to enhance engagement, retention, and application of knowledge or skills. This includes using multimedia, interactive activities, and real-life examples.
5. Delivery: Leading training sessions or workshops with effective presentation techniques, communication skills, and facilitation methods to engage participants and achieve learning outcomes.
6. Assessment and Feedback: Implementing mechanisms to evaluate participant learning and gather feedback on the training program’s effectiveness. This may include quizzes, surveys, or post-training evaluations.
7. Continuous Improvement: Analyzing assessment data and participant feedback to make improvements to the training program content, delivery methods, or presentation techniques for future iterations.

By effectively developing and delivering training programs, your organizations can enhance the knowledge, skills, and performance of your employees, leading to improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and organizational success.

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