Over the years since I was bestowed with the title “The RIGHT HAND MAN,” I have had the privilege of assisting numerous business leaders. Many of them have expressed their appreciation, sharing accolades about the positive impact I’ve had on their endeavors.


“Hank’s like a concierge on steroids. He can accomplish almost anything I throw at him. He’s very intelligent and creative. He makes things happen by creatively solving complex problems – even when he’s never done it before. In one emergency, someone corrupted a mission-critical database – and with no one available to fix it – Hank jumped in, working around the clock to fix it; 36 hours later, the database was back in production. Based on my working experience with Hank, I knew he’d take care of the problem, even though he had only limited technical experience dealing with problems of this type. He has been my Right Hand Man for years! To this day, I regularly meet with and hire Hank for his creative abilities.”

Mark Reed
Founder & President  ·  XNET, Inc. & 1 Body

“Hank ‘saved our bacon’ on a project rolling out new network servers to all regional offices in North America for a multi-billion dollar international entertainment company. He was hired to do Lotus Notes programming but quickly became my Right Hand Man — the acting assistant project manager. He taught himself how to do everyone’s jobs and one night when the company’s staff failed to follow through and finish a critical server that had to be in Canada by the next day, he saved the project. Without being asked, Hank stayed all night and worked 26 hours straight to complete the construction, configuration, packing, and delivery to the airport by himself. Only because of his commitment, the server arrived on time for the installation crew enabling the project to stay on schedule. It’s extremely rare to find someone like Hank who will take such initiative to ensure the success of a project.”

Steve Borsch
Project Manager, IBM

“As I’ve watched Hank work over the years I’ve been amazed at his ability to tap into his broad range of experience to solve problems for a wide range of clients. I believe the key to his consistent success has been his strength in systems and processes for both analyzing current scenarios and developing & implementing pragmatic solutions. He is a master at translating complex or technical issues into language that any business person can quickly understand. His out-of-box thinking has consistently allowed him to help clients successfully address business problems and opportunities, even when budgets were severely limited. From crystal clear financial proformas to clever hybrids of website programming, Hank isn’t satisfied until he’s optimized solutions for his clients. I have yet to see him “stumped” by an issue or challenge. He taps into every available resource and just digs till he develops the insight he needs to address the problem. Hank is the only person I know who is truly a specialist at being a creative generalist. I believe that as a “Right Hand Man” he could improve the effectiveness of any business leader.”

Alan Vera
Owner, The Quest Business Agency, Inc.

“I have known Hank for at least ten years and have had occasion to work with him on business and personal projects requiring his experience and expertise, and can say unequivocally that he has always been the most diligent and motivating force in any project I have been involved. It is rare to find a person who can and will rival the passion and energy of anyone in a project, whether he is an employee or partner. Hank approaches every task with an entrepreneurial spirit of how to make it better; more efficient; technologically sound; and, cost-effective. I have found Hank to be a very fast learner, and much of that is due to his broad knowledge base and willingness to research what he doesn’t understand. It is unusual that you can allow someone to work on a project unbridled and be able to trust the outcome; Hank is one of those individuals. These are some of the reasons that I have either consulted with or used Hank’s expertise whenever and wherever I can in every business endeavor I have undertaken over the past 8-10 years, including recommending and hiring Hank as our Chief Information and Technology Officer of our merchant & investment banking firm, Triumvirate Capital Group.”

Howard Andrews, Partner 
Triumvirate Capital Group

“If I had to choose one word to describe Hank’s attributes it would be “thorough.” It did not matter what was asked of him he immediately went to work and did whatever it took to complete the project. It was done efficiently and thoroughly. He was an asset to us in every way.

Randy Hart, President 
Geotek Industrial Distributors

“I value and admire Hank’s thoroughness in researching and internalizing totally foreign and often extremely technical subject areas. He is fearless, relentless, and mostly flawless in attacking projects with the intent of providing complete/usable analysis and recommendations.”

Andy Dekaney, CEO
RENEW Development International

“Hank Tate is a talent in his own right. He embraces a good challenge. Hank has proven himself as an incredible talent at creating detailed, professional business plans & projected financials. “He’s the man.” When he began working on developing a business plan for MiniCheck-OCR, Inc., he demonstrated amazing attention to detail and professionalism. As an added bonus, I discovered that Hank has a strong background in software development, this knowledge has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company. According to Bo Yan at Expervision, the software specifications Hank created “were the best I have ever seen.” As a graphic artist, Hank has displayed an amazing talent. To this day, Hank continues to be a valued advisor and confidant to the company.”

Bruce Brenner, Founder & President

“I had the pleasure of working with Hank Tate during a project to raise capital for ZStem, Inc. The business proposition of ZStem was to cryogenically freeze the blood containing adult stem cells remaining in the umbilical cord following the birth of a newborn infant. This “Cord Blood” contained life saving adult stem cells that could be used in conjunction with or in place of the traditional bone marrow transplant used to re-establish a person’s immune system that has been attacked by various liquid tumors. The project was complex and contained many facets. Hank prepared the financial models used to establish the business plan for the project. Unfortunately we were not able to raise the funds required to launch the project. But, while working on the project I had the opportunity to work closely with Hank and I learned to appreciate his abilities and knowledge.”

Alan Saltzman
Chief Executive Officer, ZStem, Inc.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, the quality of his work is a 12.”

Charles Calderwood
Owner & President  ·  Calderwood Solutions

“As a consultant, we found Mr. Hank Tate’s services invaluable.  His amiable nature and winning personality were added bonuses that made working with him a true pleasure!”

Jo Beth Harris
Director, Houston Independent School District
 Virtual School Department

“On a scale of 1 to 10, the quality of his w“Hank is someone I feel comfortable introducing to my clients. I can trust his integrity and his practical wisdom. Also, his real-world experience is invaluable with my clients. I have called on Hank when I was facing a challenge, and within 48 hours he was with a client, providing the assistance that they needed. He understands what makes a business work and how to get things done.”

Ray Sheen
President & Founder  ·  Product & Process Innovation, Inc.

“As a consultant, we found Mr. Hank Tate’s services invaluable.  His amiable nature and winning personality were added bonuses that made working with him “In a Word ‘OUTSTANDING’;. Hank’s attention to detail and exhaustive research into our industry, has given my partner and myself a definitive leg up in raising the capital required for a successful launch. I continue to seek his counsel, and will gladly recommend him to anyone interested in putting together a ‘World Class Business plan.”

Edward Schulenburg
President, Premier Publishing, LLC.

“I think he does almost everything”      (when asked what Hank Tate did for RENEW)
“Do you need expertise in some area? Give the assignment to Hank. He will become an expert in minimal time. I’ve seen it a number of times. He combines a super-intellect with a vast capacity for learning and a great desire to accomplish the task in an excellent manner. And then, he can communicate with other experts or break it down into simple terms that the layman can understand. – He’s the only person I recommend for helping companies produce Business Plans and Pro forma financials.”

Ron Shelby

“Hank provided detailed and complex financial projections using a proprietary program. The projections were part of a comprehensive business plan for a business opportunity my partners and I were evaluating for potential involvement as franchisees. The information provided made very complex financial projections understandable for financial and non-financial individuals. This seems to be one of a number of valuable skill sets that Hank possesses.”

Sam Moyers, Instructor
Wichita State Universary

“Hank worked with the Texas Home School Coalition as a director, helping us to become one of the premier advocacy organizations for home schoolers in the country. He is a great advocate and works well in building relationships and working with those who may not initially be receptive to the goals being developed.”

Tim Lambert
CEO, Texas Home School Coalition

“When Hank does financial proformas no one can question the numbers. The Synogy Financial Proforma Program that he developed is so complete, easy to follow, and addresses the details so well that the only thing that can be questioned is the assumptions. And he makes the company analyze assumptions in small enough detail that there’s nothing left to question.”

Tom Maples
CFO, Institutional Investors Consulting Corporation

“Hank is one of the people that I am glad I connected with. He is a great source of information and knowledge and blesses everything he is involved with.”

Gary Frederick
Owner, Jefferson Software