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For many years Hank Tate has provided consulting services under the banner of SYNOGY. The following information and files are provided to provide insight into the experience, skills, vision, and quality of work provided by Hank Tate. Feel free to download any files that are of interest.

The following areas of information are presented below and on other pages:

SYNOGY FINANCIAL PROFORMA PROGRAM:   Explains the concept of Synogy's proprietary method for quickly creating detailed financial proformas for companies or projects. Synogy works with business leaders to analyze the details of what must be done to turn the vision for the business or project into reality. All requirements are broken down into component processes and expenses as a part of developing the business or operational plan for the company or project. Through this analysis Synogy uses a proprietary Excel spreadsheet to rapidly build a dynamic financial model projecting five-year expenses in detail. Synogy's Financial Proforma Program has been widely recognized by investors for its clarity and effectiveness. An example of the financial package and background explanations of the program are included below. Examples of financial packages from a selection of clients are available on the Client Work page.

STRATEGIC PLANNING & BUSINESS PLANS:   Explains the methodology by which Hank Tate directs clients though the process of "Vision Engineering" - defining the steps, milestones, and resources necessary to turn the vision into reality through the creation of a business plan and financial proformas. The section includes files to download for explaining Synogy's process along with files which are used in that process to collect information for creation of a business plan.

BUSINESS HEALTH ASSESSMENT:    This page explains Hank Tate's method for assessing the health of any/all functional areas of a company to identify opportunities to increase operational effectiveness, profitability, and customer excitement.

SYNOGY BUSINESS PLAN:    This separate page presents a business plan for Synogy that was developed for a venture capital company as a proposed virtual incubator. The vision was to develop to develop generic "Best Practice" systems and processes which could be applied quickly to an emerging company to enable more rapid and efficient intitial growth. The financials and some specific details which related to the proposed relationship with the VC are no longer valid, but the concept still has merit.

The concept, the plan, the detailed methods, the financials, and all other collateral material were all 100% created and developed by Hank Tate. All are included as a demonstration of both the thought processes involved and the quality of work produced. The Business Plan presents a review of Synogy's Mission, Focus, and Vision for the virtual business incubator. A copy of Synogy's Business Plan, Full Financial Package, and a variety of other collateral are available for review.

It has been said that the quality of Synogy's Business Plans is "in the top 5% compared to other business plans." The Synogy Business Plan is presented as an example of that quality. Additional samples of business plans produced by Hank Tate are available on the Client Work page.

NOTE:   Unless explicitly noted otherwise all of the documents related to the vision of Synogy are 100% the original work of Hank Tate - vision, planning, writing, design, layout, spreadsheets, programming, logos, and graphics. All Synogy documents, concepts, spreadsheet design, and programming are proprietary and copyrighted by Synogy / Hank Tate.


The Synogy Financial Proforma Program was developed by Hank Tate over three years with a focus on developing a method for creating dynamic financial plans quickly, accurately, and with a presentation that demonstrates the highest levels of professionalism for the client company. The integrated design enables a company to produce "what-if" scenarios by changing assumptions to quickly see what the impact would be on the entire company. Synogy's Financial Proforma Program can also provide companies a method for producing detailed financial analysis for specific projects within a company.

Synogy's Financial Proforma Program maximizes the value the company receives. The process of producing the financial projections is designed to assist management in analyzing the operations and plans of the company in detail. This service provides exceptionally high value by helping management figure out the details of how it is going to create its vision. Synogy's services in this area have been called "Vision Engineering" - taking a vision and creating a blueprint and financial plan on how to implement the vision and make it a reality. Many investors and investment bankers have said that they have never seen a financial proforma like Synogy's Financial Proforma Package - that communicates so clearly a company's financials in a fashion that is dynamic, professional, easily understandable, and removes red-flags rather than raising them. Tom Maples, CFO of Institutional Investors Consulting Corporation stated:

"When Hank does financial proformas no one can question the numbers. The Synogy Financial Proforma Program that he developed is so complete, easy to follow, and addresses the details so well that the only thing that can be questioned is the assumptions. And he makes the company analyze assumptions in small enough detail that there’s nothing left to question."

This methodology produces a financial proforma package that helps the company demonstrate to investors that it knows what it is doing and is committed to doing its business with excellence and detailed planning.



The Premier Publishing project illustrates the design and value of Synogy's Financial Proforma Program. The financial summaries are included as appendices in the Premier Publishing Business Plan and the complete financials are combined in a separate 86 page legal-sized package that shows the supporting detail for all 5 years of financial projections.
   See below for link to other examples...

Premier Publishing Business Plan

Premier Publishing Full Financial Package



The Financial Package Overview page explains the philosophy of the design of Synogy's Financial Proforma Program and demonstrates the structure of the Excel template.

Financial Package Overview    



The Screenshots & Explanations page shows key features of the Synogy Financial Proforma Package through screenshot annotations:

Screenshots & Explanations



This file combines the Overview and Screenshots describing the design, philosophy, and explanations about the Synogy Financial Proforma Program into a distributable package.

Synogy Financial Proforma Program Explained - PDF



Additional examples of the Synogy Financial Proforma Package are available on the Clients page




The file below explains Synogy's Strategic Planning methodology including the process of developing a Business Plan and a Synogy Financial Projection Package.

Strategic Planning Package

Financial Proforma Questionnaire
A MS Word form that has been designed for collecting corporate, growth, and financial data for each functional area of the company. The information collected with this tool is then used to develop a Synogy Financial Projection Package and the Business Plan.


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