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DISCLAIMER:   Synogy's Business Plan was developed for a specific potential strategic relationship with an investment services company. The project was never completed. Though the vision and concept is still valid, Synogy's current operations do not reflect what is presented in the Business Plan. The Synogy Business Plan is presented as an example of the type of work, and quality of work, that Hank Tate provides to other companies through Strategic Planning services.



MISSION STATEMENT:   Accelerate business growth by providing client companies with expertise and strategic integrated support systems which enable profitable focus on core competencies.

FOCUS:   Serving clients of investment groups to accelerate investor profits, lower risks, and provide effective progress reporting.

VISION:  To create, within 3 years, the world's most effective system for accelerating business success.

Synogy was established as an Investor Services Company to provide investment oversight and the advantages of a traditional business incubator to passive investors and the companies they invest in (Synogy Partners).

Synogy was created as a business accelerator and an aggregator of expertise, services, training, and business process development focused on accelerating the growth and success of Synogy's client companies (Synogy Partners) on behalf of the companies investors.

Synogy's goal is to enable the leadership of client companies to maintain focus on developing the company's core competency without being distracted by the labor intensive process of identifying and implementing effective business systems. Synogy provides expert teams and template processes to facilitate rapid startup with best practice processes. These services are provided on behalf of, and under contract to, the company's investors and enable the investors to play an active role in building client companies while improving investors' communications with the company.

  • Synogy Group - strategic network of proven business leadership and technical expertise
  • Development of Systems & Processes - analysis, development, and documentation of effective business processes
  • Professional Development - mentoring, training sessions and materials to develop corporate culture and enhance leadership & staff skills
  • Leveraged Strategic Alliances - strategic high-value services and products at negotiated group rates normally unavailable to Synogy Partner directly
  • Maintenance of leaderships focus on development of company's core competency
  • Strengthened leadership & staff
  • Expanded network of strategic relationships
  • Accelerated growth
  • Increased efficiency of operations & processes
  • Affordable access to high-end business solutions


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Synogy Business Plan
Synogy Marketing Brochure
Synogy 1pg Overview
Synogy 4pg Executive Summary
Synogy Full Financial Package



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