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Hank Tate created the original business plan and financials for this biomedical company which is pursuing development of the world's largest umbilical cord Stem Cell Bank. The original vision of the management team when consulting started was to raise $1 million and develop a small, slowly growing Stem Cell Bank. As a result of Hank Tate's consulting the vision was dramatically expanded into a $30 million capitalization venture that would create the leading Stem Cell Bank in the world.

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This financial package is a generic package that was prepared as a sample of the Full Financial Packages produced using the Synogy Financial Proforma Program created by Hank Tate. It demonstrates a company with three functional areas of expenses.

BackOffice Services Full Financial Package


Strategic Planning services were provided to assist in the acquisition of a financial management and stock brokerage company. The Business Plan presents an updated format.

Amerifund Business Plan
Amerifund Full Financial Package


Services were provided to develop a complete Business Plan and 5-yr financials for a national magazine publishing company. The layout of the Full Financial Package was changed to legal size to make it easier to read.

Premier Publishing Business Plan
Premier Publishing Full Financial Package





































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